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Work well with these personality types

work well with personnality types - hr software
Alexandre Diard
work well with personnality types - hr software

When you're in a position where you work with others on a daily basis, you can't control their actions, only your reactions. Before you fly off the handle at a co-worker who gets on your every last nerve, stop and think about how he or she is approaching the situation. Here are some of the most common personality types and how you can deal with these personality types more effectively in the workplace.

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Different personality types

The direct communicator. Sometimes the direct communicator can be the most frustrating of all personality types. They believe they are communicating clearly and effectively but their approach often feels accusatory, which results in defensive responses. The best way to understand direct communicators is to give them space and respect their opinions but don't respond like they're bullies.

The creative individual. The creative, free-thinker in the office is probably also fairly disorganized and one of the more forgetful personality types. They don't mean to be but their brain works very differently than a logical thinker. They work best when they're given space to let their brain expand with the ideas inside. Give them just enough framework to keep them accountable.

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The people pleaser. They just want everyone to get along. Whether it is for the greater good or not they will likely say yes to everything that is expected of them, sometimes eventually driving them to the brink. This is one of the personality types that needs support so they don't feel like they're the only one trying to keep things on an even keel. 

The system follower. Even the most creative offices have rules and procedures. System followers is one of the personality types that is unable to break a rule even if it means success in the long term. It is important that you respect how they approach things from within the system and they can be a great ally when you want to try something new.

What office personality types have you worked with in the past?

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