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ERM: Employee Resources Management - the new human resources tool

Alexandre Diard

PeopleSpheres is revolutionizing HR by introducing its ERM (Employee Resources Management) - a new human resources tool. In what way does the ERM represent a real innovation in the digitization of human resources and how can an ERM benefit you and your business? This exciting new ERM will change the face of HR like never before. Find out more about the ERM and see how an ERM can benefit your business.

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What is an ERM?

ERM is a new human resources tool that is an innovation of Human Resources software. As the name implies, the ERM applies the techniques of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), widely used by sales representatives, to current or potential employees of a company. In other words, ERM is a device that groups all HR software and operations in order to accelerate processes and improve the retention of talent.

Why is it important to use a digitized ERM tool?

An ERM tool is important because the digitization of HR is a hot topic right now and more and more companies are choosing to digitize their human resources service, especially small but growing businesses that are evolving from a start-up to an SME. The digitization of HR leads to processes being optimized, an increase in speed and efficiency and, generally speaking, a more modern and up-to-date human resources function.

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An ERM can help to overcome challenges

Companies today are faced with new challenges (such as a change in, and the pressure of, employee expectations and Generation Z's arrival on the job market) and this effects the way they approach employee recruitment, retention and engagement and human resources services are learning to adapt and modify the way they handle tasks and people.

Digitize your HR processes with an ERM

As a rule, legal compliance is every-changing and so complex that employee administration still makes up the majority of the human resources service's daily work. Because of this, human resources processes were some of the first to be digitized and outsourced (In the USA today, at least 30% of companies outsource their payroll management and this number is increasing) and dozens of new software providers are reinventing human resources processes with groundbreaking tools.

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Keep your HR service human with an ERM

In recent years, digitization has radically transformed the way companies operate. But keeping human at the heart of HR tools is the key to success. From this point of view, digitalization represents a unique opportunity for the HR function to reinvent itself in a more strategic role. This is where the tool of ERM, or Employee Resources Management, plays an important role in the revolution of HR.

ERM responds to current issues

ERM is not a gimmick. On the contrary, the ERM responds to current issues such as the war for talent, the search for well-being at work, and the arrival of new generations on the market. It is therefore for the purpose of providing solutions to these challenges that PeopleSpheres has developed its ERM human resources tool.

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PeopleSpheres unifies your software with its ERM

The novelty of the core HR is that PeopleSpheres unifies all your HR software within a single portal. You will no longer need hundreds of passwords to access different software: you can navigate from one to another in the ERM with one click thanks to connectors and a dashboard that gathers all data from different software on the ERM. You can thus find on the dashboard the absenteeism rate from the holiday software, the performance of your teams, and the turn-over rate. Furthermore, data is secure in the ERM thanks to being encrypted and stored on highly secure servers.


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Even more streamlined administrative tasks with an ERM

The philosophy of PeopleSpheres’ ERM tool is that administrative tasks are streamlined as much as possible to free up time for talent management. It is with this in mind that the platform has been designed to reduce the heavy burden of data entry. Whereas it was previously necessary to enter the data of the same employee several times in each software, now it need only be entered once in the ERM. Data synchronizes itself automatically in all software, thus limiting errors.

Uses of the ERM

Similarly, the ERM acts as a notification and action center. Employees will no longer receive dozens of notifications from each software: they will only receive one single digest e-mail summarizing all notifications and actions to perform. Each employee will have their own unique and unified user profile in the ERM that allows them to see their appointments calendar, to-do list, new training courses, internal events etc.) The user profile can be customized according to the needs of each person.

Other functions of the ERM

The ERM also lets you create an array of universal forms. You can create a multitude of pop-up forms with regard to onboarding, salary review, performance review and employee self-service. You can manage all fields from the ERM admin platform.  You can also generate reports and documents (contract, riders etc.) automatically from employees' data and sign them electronically. There are many other features on the ERM tool to facilitate daily HR tasks, all with the human aspect in mind.

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The ERM improves communication

The main aim of the ERM is to promote the loyalty of employees. Retention of talent is indeed one of the most sensitive topics at the moment because of the significant changes in the labor market. To overcome this, employees can use the ERM to have access to their own personal space where they can find and modify all their data managed by the human resources team. Human resources can communicate directly in the ERM via everyone's dashboard about newcomers, company successes, new online courses, etc. to avoid misinformation and ensure that all employees have access to the same information at the same time. There is also a messenger function in the ERM for employees to communicate live with an HR professional in order to speed up administrative procedures. Self-service forms are available to quickly record changes in a person’s address, phone number, family status or other.

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The ERM facilitates life

In short, the ERM is designed not only to facilitate the work of human resources, but also to facilitate interaction with employees. The goal of the ERM is to create an atmosphere of trust where information is as transparent as possible in order to retain employees.

PeopleSpheres' ERM

PeopleSpheres thus offers the best of its technology by launching its ERM: an easy-to-use tool with an ergonomic design that serves the company's vision of putting people at the heart of human resources strategies. This is the first software that treats employees as customers to be taken care of and that encourages them to remain loyal. 

Could you do with an ERM in your company? Switch to an ERM and Streamline your HR service.


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