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How to track employee attendance

employee attendance
Alexandre Diard
employee attendance

While standard time clocks and punch cards are still being used to track employee attendance, they have long been subject to tampering, misuse and accidental recordings. Over the years, various technological resources have emerged to help companies better track employee attendance. Everything from electronic clocks to biometric tools can keep your records up to date and your employees paid on time. Here are some ways technology can help you track employee attendance.

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Track employee attendance with online timekeeping 

There are multiple online services that are either free or come as part of a payroll and accounting package that offer the ability for your employees to track their time online. This is particularly helpful with any off-site employees or even temporary workers.

Track employee attendance with access cards

Another popular tool for many businesses to track employee attendance is an entry keycard. It is used to access the building and then to exit and re-enter the building during lunch hours and breaks. This then records the information and provides it to the payroll department. It is much more reliable than time clocks, but still has some vulnerabilities.

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Track employee attendance with RFID scanners

A new version of the access card technology, which in the past often needed an imbedded antenna coil and capacitor to work, is RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification. This uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data and doesn't need to be waved in proximity to a reader. You can track employee attenance by simply ensuring employees have it on their person in the office. 

Track employee attendance with biometric readers

Don't you love in the movies when people use a thumbprint or a retinal scan to enter a classified room in their building? These things are no longer science fiction. They can be used in office buildings today to track the movement and attendance of your employees and, by default, track their time on the job.

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