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What is the employer branding 3.0?

employer branding
Alexandre Diard
employer branding

With the advent of digital communication, job search methods have evolved in recent years. Now it is even possible to recruit employees via social networks and today's recruiters tend to look at candidate profiles on them. It also works in the opposite direction: candidates can also find out about a company via its social network pages. This is where employer branding 3.0 comes into play.

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What is employer branding 3.0?

Employer branding 3.0 is a marketing concept. Employer branding makes a company attractive to future employees while retaining its current employees.

HR departments are implementing an HR marketing strategy to show how innovative and creative their companies are, but also to improve their image among a wider audience. Companies today are better off holding onto their talent rather than recruiting new employees, especially since recruiting a new employee costs a lot more for a company.

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Employer branding 3.0: one of the functions of active recruiting

Active recruiting allows future talent to find you via your digital website before your competitors. It can also be compared to sales techniques. An HR strategy resembles a buying process: submission of the application, job interview, and employment. Digital marketing tools are increasingly used to attract the best talents (SEO, scoring, e-mailing, social networks, jobs-boards, paid advertising etc).

Here are the 4 essential steps of employer branding 3.0:

- Visitors 
- Candidates
- Employees
- Ambassadors

The most important thing to remember for successful active recruiting is to publish the right content at the right time and to the right people! Effective recruiting will gain your company a competitive advantage in recruiting top talent to join your team instead of those of your competitors.

Do not neglect your employer branding 3.0!

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