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Is This Your Situation: Overwhelmed by hiring and recruitment

hiring and recruitment
Alexandre Diard
hiring and recruitment

The hiring and recruitment process is a critical human resources task and the quality of the hiring and recruitment in your company should be next to none, since hiring and recruitment directly impacts the success of your company. Unsuccessful recruitment can negatively impact your business and lead to a bad customer experience, something you should avoid at all costs. However, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the hiring and recruitment process if it is too complicated and not well thought out. Make your recruitment a priority.

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To get started simplifying your hiring and recruitment tasks, use technology to target the right people, create a hiring and recruitment strategy that starts with understanding project needs and company goals, identify the critical roles needed, and create a profile for candidates who will succeed in the open positions. The hiring and recruitment of perfect candidates is important for your business. 

Hiring and recruitment

- Target the audience with job ads. You may want to use an applicant tracking system (ATS) for your hiring and recruitment. An applicant tracking system is a software application that enables the electronic handling of hiring and recruitment needs. Typically, an ATS can be implemented and accessed online and is similar to customer relationship management (CRM) systems (that help manage customer data), but are designed for recruitment tracking purposes. They very often filter applications automatically based on given criteria such as skills, former employer, keywords, work experience and schools attended. 

- Take technology a step further in your hiring and recruitment strategy by allowing top talent to apply for a job via mobile devices. Nine in 10 job seekers search for jobs through their mobile devices, and 78 percent say they'd apply to jobs via mobile devices if the process were that simple. Hiring and recruitment can now be simple in this digital age. 

- Use technology in your hiring and recruitment processes to market open positions to potential candidates and create a positive impression of your organization.

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Streamline hiring and recruitment

Take the simplified experience of hiring via technology to recruit managers throughout the interviewing and background-checking process. Use an ATS to create interview, communication and feedback templates

Have hiring managers coordinate interview schedules and receive real-time feedback about candidate progress using the ATS. This speeds up the hiring and recruitment period, creates efficiencies and centralizes communication.

Consider ways to automate your hiring and

recruitment process

Prescreen candidates β€” Minimize the time associated with phone screens by administering prerecorded video interviews. Select questions you want answered, distribute them to candidates to complete on their own time and set aside a block of time to review all the videos at once. This will save time in your hiring and recruitment process. 

Simplify scheduling as part of hiring and recruitment β€” Remove yourself from scheduling by allowing candidates to schedule and reschedule appointments without interrupting your team. Interview scheduling software provides candidates with available time slots and lets them schedule their preferred time.

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