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HR: The Main Driver of Innovation

Alexandre Diard

Traditionally, research and development was often the only department to be concerned with innovation. But HR also plays a role in innovation: managerial innovation. Through HR transformation, you can automatize tasks that take time of every employee every day. This isn't just time of the HR employee in charge but of every employee in the company. 

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What is HR's role in innovation?

The role of an HR Manager is to manage initiatives related to the well-being of employees, social responsibility as well as the management of psychosocial risks. Companies have been changing in recent years and it is increasingly difficult for HR managers to develop projects. Innovation in this case becomes essential to better adapt to employees. This is specially important as we are now in the age of technology. This isn't just of the automatization of machinery but of AI. Through AI, there are now new jobs that are in need of an update. Is your HR updated? Are you using a lot of software for your activities? You may be in need of a software that can centralize all of them. Such software such as PeopleSpheres can centralize all your HR programs into one platform. Organization is now a must in every company and no one should be behind. 

The New Role of HR

Management methods have evolved considerably and this will now be one of the tasks entrusted to HR. In fact, more and more tasks nowadays are entrusted to the HR department. Their role has become essential for a company as it saves money to the company by giving everyone additional time for essential tasks that may need more time. There will be a greater focus and increase of quality to other tasks that will benefit the company. 

Indeed, even if the role of HR Manager is well defined, developments in this area are specific to each company. The job of an HR manager will not be as straightforward as it was before. 

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The Evolution of Management Methods

It is clear that some directors will not appreciate the questioning of their "power" and will be reluctant to change. Some employees will therefore have more autonomy regarding their jobs. Despite many general changes, management methods are slow to change in some companies. It is therefore not surprising to know that employees are not always in favor of change and innovation. 

What management has to keep in mind is that through responding to common questions or observing the specific things employees are having troubles with, there will be higher respect to them. Don't expect autonomy if you haven't taught them everything for them to be autonomous. 

The Company: The First Source of Innovation

The first source of innovation lies in the corporate culture. The HR manager's role is to unite, facilitate and enhance the success of their employees. They should also reassure employees and motivate them. Managers and HR will need to work together to enable the emergence of new, more collaborative techniques with a bottom-up approach.

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