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HR and Innovation: A Winning Solution

HR innovation - HR software
Alexandre Diard
HR innovation - HR software

How do you innovate in HR management with a winning HR solution? Despite what most people believe when they think about human resources, HR services have evolved in recent years. HR services have started to become digitalized and automated. HR and innovation are now intertwined and have become a winning solution.

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HR solution: Changes in HR Processes

Time-saving and productivity 

Thanks to the digitalization of HR services, HR executives now have more time to devote to important tasks. Today, a lot of HR software is available to facilitate HR operations. Digital has a real impact in the field of human resources and makes HR services more efficient.

Generally, the decision to digitize the HR department or even the company belongs to the CEO of the company. Artificial intelligence or algorithms have become indispensable tools in terms of innovation as they have brought a new vision to recruiting and managing employees. The digitalization of HR services has become a real winning HR solution. 


HR solution: How Have HR Services Adapted to the Latest Innovations?


HR services have adapted to the new needs of the market. HR services have adapted to the new needs of the market and have included digital in their strategy. Artificial intelligence and HRIS provide real digital assistance to the HR department, simplifying administrative management. This allows the HR professionals to better focus on human issues.

HR managers can receive training to master their new tools. Thanks to the arrival of the internet, HR directors can publish job offers and respond to them in a few minutes. AI automates the pre-selection of candidates who may correspond to the profiles sought by the company. However, AI has its limits, it only focuses on technical or operational skills, but does not guarantee the human qualities of candidates.

Note: AI only covers a part of the recruitment process but does not dehumanize the recruitment department within a company.

HRIS and artificial intelligence do not only benefit managers, employees also benefit from this system as it allows them to consult their personal information and follow the progression of their careers. Risks of error are drastically reduced in the completion of certain time-consuming tasks.

Moreover, the arrival of e-learning has revolutionized the training of employees since today's training has become accessible to all. Real digital assistance allowing employees to be much more autonomous and active in their training. AI can also be used to support employees, especially new hires or those who are promoted, with on-the-job training for their new position.

HR directors need to accompany their employees in the digital transformation of their company. Their role is to support the change of culture, the changing ways of working, and to develop the collective dimension of the company


The Change Management Challenge

Digitalization of HR services is certainly a real asset for the company, but we cannot hide that it implies change management challenges. It is not a secret, we all know that change in a company causes a lot of reluctance among employees. To leave one's routine is often unthinkable. Announcing to your employees that they will now have to use new tools to complete their tasks can cause problems. Poorly explained and understood; many do not see the benefit of change.

It is the company's duty to change its employees' perceptions. Managers must make them understand the need to innovate, show to them the value and the benefits they will gain from these new tools. 

A company that decides to digitize its HR processes needs to concentrate its efforts before, during, and even after the implementation. It is a project that needs to be taken seriously if you expect successful results.

A company that took the time to reflect, compare its different options, and prepare accordingly will undeniably gain in productivity. 


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The emergence of digitalization of the HR world has reinvented the way we work. Employees are now equipped with high-tech software enabling them to reach operational excellence. As Josh Bersin said, the future of HRIS is the Employee Experience Platform with the goal of making it easier for HR managers and employees to do their jobs every day. Software vendors are constantly innovating, creating collaborative platforms that are becoming more intuitive and ergonomic. Even though it might come with a significant cost and demands enormous efforts to implement such solutions, businesses that are not digitized yet need to start considering it whether they want to stick to the status quo or invest in keeping up competitively. 

Don't let the human resources department be the last digitalized department of your company.