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5 tips to recruit the best profiles via social media

Alexandre Diard

Social media has taken an extremely important place in our daily lives. It is therefore wise to recruit via social media. In our white paper, you will discover 5 tips to recruit via social media and thus attract the best profilesSocial media is the modern way to recruit and it is likely that your competitors are already using this channel, and you should think about taking their lead if you haven't already. 

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Why recruit via social media?

SMEs have been quite successful up until now following their decision to recruit via social media. This relatively new recruiting method makes it possible to reach candidates who do not reply to job ads, and at the same time reduces the costs of finding new candidates. According to a recent study, 53% of SMEs report using this method and 82% of jobseekers wish to be recruited via social media.

With the arrival of Generation Z - which is highly connected to social media - in the work place, it is becoming increasingly important to recruit via social media. On the flip side, this young Gen Z can then use their knowledge of these networks to help you recruit and find other talent easily.

What is the most used social media and what advantages does it offer compared to traditional recruitment?

HR is not limited to professional social media networks specially designed for this purpose, such as Linkedln. Searching for the ideal candidate on Facebook or Twitter can also offer certain advantages:

- It is less expensive to recruit via social media than through traditional methods.

- There is a wide selection of candidates: HR and managers can detect talent in segmented target groups.

- A fast and effective means of action: the recruiter can get in touch directly with the identified candidate they have found on social media or keep them in the database in the event that the candidate does not seek to change jobs at the moment. 

- Access to reliable information: the candidate’s social media profile is public and visible to all. This transparency of information discourages candidates from lying about their career, and recruiters can thus trust them and recruit them with confidence.

- Access to the specific skills of the candidate: it is possible to identify his/her key technical skills, linguistic skills, etc. with the possibility of validating them with the person's network on social media . This validation can offer some reassurance to you as a recruiter.

- A possibility for the company to put forth a modern image, which is perceived favorably by candidates.


Want to learn more about social media recruiting?  📚 Click the button below to download our white paper on this topic. 

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