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5 tips to motivate and retain employees

Motivate and Retain Employee
Alexandre Diard
Motivate and Retain Employee

According to a recent survey, 51% of people would like to change companies, but only 16% are willing to take the plunge. In addition, 22% of employees would stay for more than 15 years in the same company but 4% of them would leave their company before three years. It is therefore important to put in place strategies to motivate and retain employees so as to make your talents want to stay in the company.

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What makes employees want to leave their company?

Several factors can push an employee to want to leave a company. Here are the main reasons:

- Poor recruitment: the job and working conditions do not correspond to what the employee was expecting

- A poor match between the job and the person: the employee overestimated his skills and does not feel up to the job

- Poor integration in the hierarchy: distant managers who are not very available and who do not communicate enough

- Little possibility of growth and promotion: little chance of advancement in the future

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- A lack of feedback and assistance: employees are not supervised enough by their manager and receive no help to improve. Giving feedback is about helping the employee understand and improve

- A significant amount of stress: poor balance between private and professional life, caused by internal conflict, lack of teamwork and working over the weekend or in the evenings

- A lack of recognition: employees with little autonomy feel useless because they do not feel that they really contribute to the company's performance

- Low levels of employee experience: the overall employee experience is low, includes anything from relationships, technology, work tasks, and more

Motivate and retain employees

Being a manager is above all about being available and listening to employees to help them improve and be more productive. It is therefore necessary to get to know them well, identify their skills, pinpoint their weaknesses so as to help them progress with training, and more generally, to motivate them effectively. To be fulfilled at work, an employee needs to have confidence in his manager, be able to count on him in case of difficulties, and to have hope regarding his professional development. He must also feel useful, be told that his work is meaningful, that he is competent, that he has a good command of his subject, and that he is good at what he does.

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Motivate and retain your employees in some of the following ways:

- Motivate employees by rewarding them for a good attitude not just for skills and knowledge

- Retain employees by giving them the chance to evolve and develop in the company so they feel as though they have a career and not just a job

- Communicate with your employees effectively so they never feel out of the loop

- Motivate and retain good employees by firing the bad ones. There is nothing worse for employee morale than carrying bad employees and watching them get credit where it is not due

- Let the company's values be known. Motivate and retain employees by giving them a nice, fair place to work

- Pay well. The biggest motivation for employees is the salary. Motivate and retain employees by offering them the best salary around.

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