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5 tips to benefit from corporate social networks

Alexandre Diard

Following the revolution in the global use of social networks, we are hearing more and more about corporate social networks (CSN). As with the arrival of e-mails some time ago, corporate social networks are a new channel of communication in companies and continue to revolutionize the way we communicate. Benefit from corporate social networks to optimize your HR services and company as a whole.

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Year after year, statistics show that e-mail is losing ground to corporate social networks meaning that it's not just a fad but a permanent shift. It is a safe bet that in the coming years corporate social networks will supplant e-mail in terms of use and within the next three years, all companies should be equipped with CSN according to reports.

In addition to the continuous link between people and the immediacy offered by corporate social networks, they have a lot to offer a company. In order to remain competitive, companies will increasingly have no choice but to adopt this new form of communication. Benefit now from corporate social networks and get ahead of the crowd.


What are corporate social networks?

Imagine being able to see at a glance all the people in the organizational chart with a clear indication of their roles and skills. That's what corporate social networks are about. Today, as on public social networks, you can enter all the information you want your colleagues to see. For example, we can list non-professional interests and encourage employees to bond with each other by their respective affinities.

Corporate social networks are also, like an intranet, a place where all the information and collective knowledge of the company is gathered. Most of the time there is also an instant messaging and delayed messaging service. The benefit of corporate social networks is huge as they are serve multiple purpose.

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How do corporate social networks benefit the company?

- A significant increase in productivity and better reactivity through faster access to information. In order to overcome information overload, corporate social networks deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. This speeds up the flow of communication and makes it more efficient in terms of productivity which is a huge benefit for your company.

- Better products and sales through a network effect that promotes the emergence of opportunities. The digital link is now more available than the physical link, which is why it must be exploited. Through the network effect, companies are multiplying business opportunities and opportunities for innovation.

- Increased cohesion and integration within a context of increased mobility. Corporate social networks make it possible - more than with simple professional social networks - to unite and motivate employees who are increasingly mobile or remote, to bring customers and partners closer to the sales, production and innovation processes, and to raise the quality of the final product and customer satisfaction.

- Productive energy and satisfied employees. Corporate social networks are therefore of direct interest to the user, and they place them at the center of the company's communication. By promoting interaction and collaboration, the company gives its talents the opportunity to express themselves freely and gives free rein to a productive environment, fruitful conversation, new ideas and innovation.

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The benefit of going inter-enterprise

Why stop at the intra-enterprise collaborative level? Today, between the existence of private networks (corporate social networks) and public networks (LinkedIn etc ...) shouldn't there be the possibility of a collaborative network between companies?

Imagine companies from the same business sector coming together in a network to exchange good practices and tips. 

Leaders are now thinking about the possibility of building partnerships, collaborations or even company mergers in order to be stronger and more durable. It is a question of proposing an offer based on a set of more complete services. Collaboration can be based on the technical, commercial and financial synergies which are made possible by the companies involved.

Benefit from corporate social networks to improve your business today.


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