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5 tips for a successful human resources job interview

successful human resources job interview
Alexandre Diard
successful human resources job interview

job interview with an HR professional is often one of the first steps for a candidate to find the job of their dreams. An HR professional must use the job interview to identify the candidate's strengths and suitability for the job. Job interviews can be stressful so it is important that both parties feel comfortable and on equal footing. As an employer, make sure you conduct a well-structured and efficient job interview. As a candidate, make sure you are thoroughly prepared before the job interview and have done your homework on the company.

The intent of this article is to provide you with concrete recommendations to make sure you prepare adequately for the job interview process. Let us take a look together! 


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Tips to ensure a successful job interview as a candidate

So your resume was selected by human resources and you managed to get a
job interview. Congratulations, your application has attracted the interest of the recruiter! You have successfully passed the first step, but nothing is sure yet as there may be other candidates in the running. This is no secret, you must practice, practice and practice. 

The HR department in your dream company has identified your strengths and for them, you correspond to the position to offer. Now, it's up to you to convince the interviewer to give you the job with a well-prepared job interview.

To join a new company, every candidate is required to have a face-to-face job interview with their potential future employer. Candidates often fear job interviews because of the stress they cause. Here are a few tips to help you feel more prepared and at ease. 

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Do your research

There is no doubt that every company loves to be flattered. If they can notice that you took your time to conduct serious research regarding the company and the values they put forward, their perception of you will be more positive. Investigate what the company does, its mission and vision, and its recent activities and contribution to the industry.  

Anticipate possible situations

Anticipate possible situations you might face during the job interview so that there are no surprises. Recruiters want to make sure they hire the best candidate so they might prepare some tricky questions or put you in a situation where you will be asked to improvise. Ask people around you who faced challenging situations during their interview. Visualize these situations in your head and prepare your answers.

Be confident and stay honest

Be confident on the day of the job interview, and answer the interviewer's questions in a relevant way. 

Being confident is crucial and is very appreciated by employers. It means that you have a good understanding of who you are as a person. A person that knows their strengths and weaknesses, and has a certain emotional maturity, will be more responsive when unforeseen problems arise on the job. 

On the other hand, exposing an overly confident attitude could be seen as arrogant behavior especially when teamwork will be part of your daily job. So remember to strike a balance between confidence and respect. 

Be yourself, show enthusiasm, and maintain a positive attitude.Free trial

Prepare your "WHY"

"Why" you want this job: Thinking about the "Why" you want this job is indispensable. Once you lay out all the reasons why this job matters to you, you will be much more convincing in front of your recruiters.  

"Why'" we should hire you: make sure to provide them with concrete arguments. Highlight your best skills whether they are interpersonal or technical, as they both are necessary to work well in a team.  

Note that: the recruiter does not hold all the cards during a job interview: you have the right to participate throughout to highlight your qualities and skills. 

Tips to ensure a successful job interview as an employer

For a job interview to go well, efforts have to be made on both sides. Previously, we advised the candidate. Now we want to provide recommendations for the employers. It is important to understand that a job candidate evaluates you and your company just as much as you're evaluating them. Employers must ensure a recruitment process that is well-conducted before, during, and after a job interview.

The best interviewers prepare well, have good communication skills, and are good at assessing candidates.

Tips for before the job interview:

Tell people in advance the topics you'd like to discuss so they can prepare. Be willing to meet the person at a time that's convenient for him or her.

Tips for during  the job interview: 

An employer must prepare the right questions to ask. The wording of the questions has to be well thought out so you can ask the same questions in a consistent manner. Candidates should not be faced with questions that require a yes or no answer, so ask meaningful questions that will get you the information you are looking for.  

Tips for after the job interview: 

Whether the interview went well or not, an employer should treat their candidates in the same way: with a positive attitude. This will preserve your employer's brand and keep rejected candidates in your talent pool for future opportunities.  


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