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Employee Experience Platform: An Asset for Your Company

Employee Experience Platform
Alexandre Diard
Employee Experience Platform

Today, human resources management is at the heart of the digital transformation. Many HR software companies are flourishing every year, in attempt to improve the HR function. However, if companies are taking over these software, it is not always to the delight of their employees, who quickly feel overwhelmed by the number of tools they now have to handle.

Although it is a relief for the HR function, this wave of digitization may have taken over the HR field too quickly without thinking enough about the employee's experience. Change management is a real challenge. The awareness and acceptance from employees in order to make such changes is crucial. Companies need to focus on employee retention, motivation, and engagement. It is from this observation that the EXP (Employee Experience Platform) was born. A platform specially designed to facilitate navigation between the different HR software a company owns. Thus, integrating such a Platform aims to improve the employee experience!

This article is an opportunity to recall the EXP (Employee Experience Platform), a concept that originated in the United States, and to understand how it is essential for HR departments and employee engagement... Enjoy reading!

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Lack of connectivity between the different HR software: a difficulty for both the employee and the HR department


With the digitalization of companies, a wide range of software is emerging in the HR market and, according to a study conducted by Markess, the growth of the HR software market is estimated at €3.4 billion for 2021. More and more, HR departments want to gain more agility and reach organizational performance. Hence the necessity to equip themselves with modern tools. Another reason is that they want to better manage their employees' career paths and simplify their daily tasks. Among these HR software, we can find Leave & Absence management software, Compensation software, Training and e-learning management software, and more broadly, software dedicated to Talent management.

However, despite these major advances, the new digital ecosystem of the HR function lacks connectivity. While the software is powerful and saves HR professionals time, these professionals also waste time switching from one software to another and inputting the same data each time. If this is not a pleasant experience for them and affects productivity, the same goes for the employees. Indeed, more and more employees are getting lost in the variety of these new software programs that are rapidly becoming part of their company's HR ecosystem.

This lack of attention to the employee experience is particularly harmful since it does not contribute to the employee's well-being and quality of work life. Even worse, disoriented by this abundance of tools, the employee may quickly disengage, and finally not use the software, thus creating additional friction between HR and employees.

We can clearly outline the original problem: the lack of connectivity between the different HR software and the absence of a single, simple, and user-friendly platform from which the employee can quickly and easily access all the available modules. 

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The Experience Employee Platform: the ideal solution for connecting HR software to each other and making it easier for the employee to use.


1) The EXP: a platform dedicated to a "collaborative experience"

The Employee Experience Platform addresses the following questions:  what are the ways to improve employee productivity and employee engagement? How can we offer an efficient tool to the employee so that they can easily navigate between different HR software?

The EXP presents itself as the ideal tool: it is a unique and easy-to-use platform that connects all your existing HR software. Thanks to its open architecture, this connective platform allows the employee to have quick access to all the HR software of the company. The navigation between the company's different HR modules is no longer constraining. From the EXP platform, the employee can access all the information they need. For example, the employee can, in a few clicks, request vacation, consult their schedule, or even submit expense reports. In reality, this idea comes directly from HR experts because they were the first to understand that as long as HR software don't communicate with each other, employees won't be comfortable using it. Thus, rather than focusing on the performance of the different software, the EXP is "employee focused" and puts emphasis on its accessibility for the employee. It's a platform that attempts to simplify daily tasks and optimize internal communications. 

Moreover, by favoring the employee experience, the EXP naturally enhances the company's employer brand since it also promotes the employee's well-being. For example, the onboarding process is sometimes a painful process for the new employee because he or she is overwhelmed by the multitude of new information. However, this experience is fundamental because it often determines how the employee will feel in the company. We want our new recruits and employees to feel highly motivated and well engaged. Therefore, providing them with a well-designed platform on which they can rely, access their personal space, and find all the information they need, will consequently offer them a pleasant first experience and impression.

Ultimately, the EXP solution helps companies overcome the problem that they find themselves facing while handling too many software, whether it be payroll, compensation, leave & absence, that do not communicate with each other and therefore naturally create frustration for the employee.

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2) A single access that simplifies the user experience

Payroll software, Leave & Absence management, Expense management, Training management, ... so much software employees need to switch between daily. The employee has to continuously enter their credentials. This can create frustration, especially since your employee has higher risks to forget their numerous passwords. This is also a complication for the HR director, the CIO, and the employees. The solution: single sign-on. By unifying the entire ecosystem, the HR Core and EXP platform respond to this challenge. Thanks to the SSO (Single-Sign-On) feature, you can connect securely to all your tools with a single password!

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3) The EXP: an open and connected platform at the cutting edge of innovation

Based on an open architecture platform, the EXP not only makes it easier to navigate between the different modules, since navigation can now be done in a few clicks from a single platform but also provides concrete connectivity between the different modules. A high-performance EXP not only gathers all the modules on one platform, but it also connects the modules, even if they come from different systems and vendors! Indeed, equipped with ultra-intelligent connectors and receivers, the EXP allows data to flow smoothly and efficiently from one software to another. We will explain in more detail the benefits of such connectivity later on.

The EXP is modular and proposes to connect the specific HR software of your choice. You can therefore build your solution with the "best-of-breed" software available on the market. This solution is much more preferable rather than an "All-in-one" software suite because, even if these suites have all the functionalities for HR management, they come from a single vendor and very often have difficulty keeping pace with all the innovations on the market.

All-in-One solutions often offer modules that are much less expert and efficient than the modules coming from "single vendors" present on the market. This is an observation shared by Josh Bersin, a true expert on HR trends in the United States, in his article dedicated to the EXP: "The Employee Experience Platform: A New Category Arrives". In fact, he explains that most all-in-ones have converted to an open platform to be at the forefront of innovation. 
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Josh Bersin also proposes illustrating the EXP platform in the following way:




PeopleSpheres: a made in France innovative and modular EXP

The EXP of PeopleSpheres is presented as the ideal solution as it that it offers an open and customizable platform on which the company can connect all its existing software. Through its smart connectors, the company assures connectivity between its various HR modules, and its data can flow smoothly and automatically. If desired, the company can even use cross-module workflows, which are currently new on the market, and launch automatic HR processes with just one click. The information entered on the EXP/HR Core by HR professionals can be automatically integrated into all HR software connected to the HR Core. An example could be the changeover of a candidate to an employee (following his or her recruitment) within the Recruitment software. It can also be automatically transferred, through the EXP, to all other HR software.

Below is an example of a cross-module workflow of Preboarding only made possible thanks to the PeopleSpheres connective platform:

Preboarding workflow -1

Having an employee experience platform is one of the top trends in HR today. Companies are eager to find the best platform to meet their needs and achieve greater agility, but more importantly, to motivate and engage employees.

A platform dedicated to the workforce experience is presented as an intuitive and user-friendly platform, with a fluid and pleasant navigation. Above all, the EXP allows connectivity, never seen before, between different HR software. This connectivity enables the employee to navigate between various tools in just a few clicks. Such integration will effectively bring employee satisfaction and encourage engagement. Moreover, it offers the company the choice of a modular platform while offering the possibility to connect the all the software of its choice. If companies want to be at the forefront of innovation and offer the best experience platform, adopting the EXP is undeniably the solution.

Discover our solution EXP PeopleSpheres to answer all your problems and allow your employees to have access to all their HR tools from a single platform.

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