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Step up your HR game with strong Employee Data Management

employee data management
Alexandre Diard
employee data management

Employee data management is the organizational way of ensuring employee data is safe and easy to handle. It is an important aspect in human-resource and through the Human Resources Information System, data collection and storage are made easier. A well-updated employee database saves time and promotes data-based decisions for better human resource management. Employee database gives clear visibility and control of all employees' information at all times. This article gives an outline on understanding employee data management well.

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HRIS and Employee Data Management

HRIS is the most efficient software in human-resource. Thanks to HRIS, tracking employee records has never been easier. HRIS is a complete system for all human resource management functions. Through the system, a human resource department can recruit, train and do more for employees. A company or organization can have the HRIS running on its technical infrastructure or the cloud. It is more common to have the HRIS running from the cloud or outside the company’s space. When the HRIS is cloud-based, updating it is easier.

HRIS is efficient for various reasons and this explains why many companies today are using it. The main use of HRIS is to hold employee information. When used for record-keeping, the system monitors any changes in employee data. In case data needs confirmation, HRIS will have a proper record. Data held on HRIS may be for reasons of compliance. Unfortunate occurrences such as theft or fraud may occur and through HRIS, important valuable information is retrieved. It may include identification information and taxation details. Safe storage of data is, therefore, a reason why HRIS is important in employee data management.

HRIS is also very efficient concerning employee data management. It makes data management easier to have all information in one place. The information is also managed better and more accurately on the HRIS system compared to having the information on different platforms or managing it manually.

HRIS is the appropriate human-resource strategy as it allows you to track what will help in promoting employees and the business strategy. As an organization, you choose what to track on the HRIS. It is also a system that is easy to use for managers, departments, and employees. If you are still filling employee information manually, it is time you upgrade your employee data management with HRIS. 

HRIS systems and software are different based on functionalities in employee data management. You can use HRIS for its Applicant Tracking System and all recruitment functions. The system tracks all information about a job applicant and in tracking the applicant’s resume, matching applicants with the suitable position is made easier. You can also use the HRIS to manage employee payroll. It creates payment records for all employees in the system, including those recently updated.

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A unified profile

Proper employee data management system can provide a company a unified profile that entails all an employee's data. Different organizations hold different information on employee data, depending on the information that is crucial for the company. Personal details of all employees are common data in employee data management system. This information includes the date of birth, the job title of every employee, the supervisor’s name, and the department.

Unified employee data management means that the company has all details well stored for each employee. All branches, employees, and departments are on one working platform. All services are also improved and data is more secure.

More accurate data

For years, human resource departments mainly conducted their employee data management manually. You would find offices with loads of documents containing employee data. While this might have worked back then, manual employee data management was not always accurate. It is easy for information kept manually to go missing or be stored inaccurately. It is also tedious to manage and work around when data is needed.

Modern systems and software have boosted human resources by offering more accurate data management solutions. Through systems like the HRIS, employee data management is more reliable. The accuracy of the data is also improved through advanced systems unlike before.

Employee data management accuracy highly depends on data collection and capture. HRIS provides for better data capturing and collection, thus holding accurate data. When recording employee working hours, for instance, the system is more accurate than the manual recording of the time. HRIS also saves you from having to update some of the data each time as you can automate some features.

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Better visibility and control

Human resource management is not easy but technology has improved it. The popular HRIS not only boosts employee data management The software allows employees to know each other better and familiarize themselves with the company more deeply. Each employee can view all company departments and colleagues. This helps to know more about the company and who to reach out to for different reasons.

For the human resource manager, HRIS is a good way to have an eye on all employees at all times. Through the system, there is transparency and proper tracking of all aspects. This gives more control to the human resource department and makes oversight easier. It also motivates employees to be self-driven towards attaining targets and doing what is expected.

In some cases, companies have different outlets with main departments like human resources being independent. In that case, a system like HRIS acts as a single platform bringing all aspects of a company into one database. This allows for better employee data management and decision-making.

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Involve your employees in data management

The HRIS system also helps in automating benefits in a company. Companies using advanced HRIS have better services regarding employee benefits. For example, employees can be offered a cafeteria model platform where they can choose the benefits they prefer.

The advanced HRIS system easily collects work attendance information from employees. If a company has staff operating in shifts, this would be a good feature for employees to clock in and out for work hours. Drop the tradition of employees signing in and out manually on a piece of paper. The HRIS system offers a more convenient alternative. You can have cards or a fingerprints system synched with the HRIS system to track employee working hours.

The human resource department often plans for employee training and growth programs. The programs should be relevant to the business strategy of the company. Through the HRIS system, it is easy for human-resource to review the qualifications of each employee and identify ideal development programs. The system delivers this through the Learning Management System which shows e-learning and employee courses available.

The HRIS also enables human resource management to track performance management better. Through the system, the direct manager or colleagues generate performance ratings for employees once or a couple of times annually. Company human resources are also well handled at all times through the system. The system not only offers good employee data management but also holds details of applicants. This information may be helpful during future replacements, some of which might be urgent.

An HRIS can also help each company department to work together more closely. The system allows employees to reach out directly to supervisors and managers and they can even request leave through the system. All information on employee self-services is saved in the HRIS.

The HRIS system also has a reporting and analytics module. The advanced version of the system allows human-resource reports to automatically be made especially on various issues that are reviewed often. The system easily automates reports on employee performance, turnover, and other issues. The analytics features of the system give an analysis of the various insights thus allowing for good decisions. The HRIS is a single system that performs different functions for the human resource department, especially on employee data management.

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Employee data management has been made better by advanced software and platforms. Companies can get the platform based on their human resource needs. The advanced systems are convenient and more reliable.