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5 tips to promote the professional growth of your employees

5 tips to promote the professional growth of your employees
Alexandre Diard
5 tips to promote the professional growth of your employees

Professional growth is one of the most important needs of your employees. If they are not satisfied with their job, there is a risk they will become bored and demotivated. This will lead to a drop in productivity, a high absenteeism rate and sometimes an increase in the turnover rate. Promoting professional growth will help to motivate and retain talent.

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In recent years, human resources professionals have been talking more and more about the "quality of life at work" including the professional growth of employees, the idea being to combat the burnout of employees in the workplace.

Indeed, the current situation in Europe is worrying with 1 out of 2 cases of absenteeism caused by chronic stress, not to mention the effects of presenteeism: the practice of coming to work despite illness, injury or anxiety. This is in part due to a lack of professional growth and evolution.

The concept of quality of life is thus at the center of the actions carried out by HR managers who see the fight against burnout as a veritable testing groundBut faced with the new demands of work and the arrival of new generations on the market, how can we increase the professional growth of our employees without going overboard?

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What is professional growth?

At the moment there is no real definition of this concept of quality of life at work. It has been defined as "a feeling of well-being at work perceived collectively and individually" and which encompasses several determining factors such as:

- The quality of social and working relationships: this means recognizing the work carried out by employees, respect, listening, information, communication and participation in decisions

- The quality of the work: the employee must have a certain autonomy, varied tasks and responsibilities

- The quality of the physical environment: a sense of security must be present as well as a pleasant physical environment conducive to personal development

- The quality of the organization of work: good managers must be supportive and know how to initiate progress initiatives that are favorable not only for employees but also for the company

- The possibilities of professional growth with the implementation of training plans, validation of acquired experience in order to develop the skills of employees, and an increase in their sense of professional fulfillment

- Reconciling work and private life with flexible working hours and pace of work, and access to quality services.

Professional growth is vital for keeping employees interested in the job and company. When there is no hope of growth at work, employees stop doing their very best and often just do the minimum. Make the professional growth one of your prioities.

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