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5 tips to facilitate the integration of new employees

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Alexandre Diard
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The integration of new employees is essential for a company as it helps to deliver better results, create a better atmosphere and increase productivity and creativity. The integration of employees also reduces the staff turnover rate. It is therefore important to reflect on the integration of employees. PeopleSpheres gives you 5 tips to facilitate the integration of your new employees. 

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Integration of employees 

For the large majority of people, starting in a new company is stressful. The integration of new employees is important, since it is from the first few days that we get an idea, sometimes particularly critical, of our new company, new team, new tasks… in short, what our daily life will be like. It is therefore essential to improve the integration process of new employees and their loyalty to the company so that your employees’ first experience is at least as good as the one you yourself would like to experience.

According to a recent study 79% of companies consider their process of the integration of employees unsatisfactory. At the same time, 20% of employees joining a new company want to leave the company from day one. Loyalty is therefore a key concern. Delivering a welcome booklet (however comprehensive it may be), offering a brief visit around the premises and training for the job are not enough. A real integration of employees is essential.

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Why focus on the integration of employees?

Simply recruiting is not enough; nowadays, integration is essential for making employees want to stay in the company. Optimizing the integration of new employees does not only improve their first days and  well-being within the company, it also ensures long-term loyalty by developing a positive and motivating image of the company which will make them want to commit to the success of the company. Apart from saving the large amount that the premature departure of the new employee would cost the company if integration does not go well, optimizing the integration of new employees generates benefits for the company in many other ways.

But how can we optimize the integration of employees? 

The integration of employees does not begin on the day of their arrival and end the evening of their first day. It is important to anticipate their arrival and be aware that a successful or optimal integration process takes time. Don't neglect the integration of your employees.

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