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5 tips to optimize your time management

Alexandre Diard

If you do not stop running about all over the place throughout the week, work even at the weekend and always feel tired, it's time to get back on track by improving your time management so as to be efficient, dynamic and happy in your work! Time management is important and working time should be optimized at all times or the phrase “time is money” takes on an all new importance.

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HR professionals: automate your tasks with an HRIS adapted for good time management

Office tools
 are excellent for time management as they are a source of work efficiency and can save you time. There are many HR management software packages that allow you to automate your daily activities. If it takes you time to get to know the new software or the software is not adapted to your needs, you will end up wasting time and is therefore bad time management. So to optimize time management within the HR world, you should first choose office tools that are easy to use, simplify work processes and perfectly match your needs (management of training, management of professional interviews, management of schedules, management of talents ...). For example, some recruiting systems allow you to write job-related offer templates to automate job postings and are consequently excellent for good time management. It only takes two or three clicks thanks to an HR dashboard which will save you a lot of time. 

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Manager: make the most of small moments and save time

There are always moments in a day that are not taken advantage of. Journeys in public transport and queues are times when you feel like you are wasting your time. Use a good time management technique by making a list of these small moments and using them to carry out work-related tasks. For example, you can re-read your tasks in your calendar or read and reply to emails quickly with your Smartphone, thus saving you time. As a manager, besides the projects you are in charge of, you are also responsible for the management of your team. Some IT tools can help you make the most of your time with administrative tasks. Let's take the annual appraisal as an example. Some performance management tools allow you to perform the annual review without the need to connect to the network.

Employee: train wherever you want

New techniques make it possible to design more adapted and more mobile training, some of which can be accessed on your Smartphone. You can therefore organize your training at your own pace and according to the digital tools at your disposal. Training wherever you like is good time management as there are less physical constraints.

In HR as elsewhere, business tools can be a source of time management and optimization. Take the issue of e-mail notifications: is it better to receive a hundred notifications or look at a to-do list on the HR dashboard, that classifies and prioritizes tasks? The latter will clearly save you a great deal of time.

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