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5 tips for a successful human resources job interview

Alexandre Diard

A job interview with an HR professional is the first step for a potential candidate to find the job of his dreams. It is the duty of the HR professional to use the job interview to identify the candidate's strengths and suitability for the job. Job interviews can be stressful so it is important that both parties feel comfortable and on equal footing. As an employer, make sure you conduct a well-structured and efficient job interview. As a candidate, make sure you are thoroughly prepared before the job interview and have done your homework on the company.

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How to have a successful human resources job interview

Your profile was selected by a Human Resources Director and you managed to get a job interview? Congratulations, your application has attracted the interest of the recruiter! You have successfully passed the first step, but nothing is won yet as there may be other candidates in the running. The HRD has identified your strengths and for him, you correspond to the position on offer. Now, it's up to you to convince him to give you the job with a well prepared job interview.

To join a new company, every candidate is required to have a face-to-face job interview with their potential future employer. Candidates often fear job interviews because of the stress they cause.

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The recruiter does not hold all the cards during a job interview: you have the right to participate throughout to highlight your qualities and skills.

The White Paper will allow you to:

- Anticipate possible situations you might face during the job interview so as not to be taken by surprise,

- Be confident on the day of the job interview and therefore answer the HRD's questions in a relevant way,

- Tips that will help you to get the HRD to see you as the best candidate

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